Driven to lead through creativity and quality

Hadar Rosen H&R has operated for over 50 years in Israel and around the world. As a three-generational family firm, we are driven by a single, focused goal: to provide professional and high-quality solutions that lead the auto accessories market.
Today, Hadar Rosen H&R is headquartered in Israel, where we handle all product design, development and marketing, and some production. We also operate a production branch in China.

Broad product offering

Our customers have unrivalled access to a top-quality collection of car seat covers and a vast range of other accessories. These include steering wheel covers with different designs and finishes, superior windscreen wipers, unique scent diffusers, organizers, floor mats, and more.

Our expertise, your advantage

As a company, we are entirely focused on auto accessories. Our significant investment in development, in-depth market knowledge, agility to adapt to market tastes around the world, careful attention to uncompromising quality, and top-quality production systems have made Hadar Rosen H&R one of the most respected names in auto accessories.

With our own in-house R&D, creative design and production departments, we ensure that our customers around the world enjoy innovative products made to meticulous standards, with innovative design and product development to suit all vehicle types and models.
It would be our pleasure to serve you too.


Hadar Rosen H&R

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